not so new year anyway

g'day mate, this is me, speaking again at you, I love writing stories based on what I have experienced in my life,
this morning, I'm quite excited because i'm going to hometown by plane, and i already planned everything about what my friends and I are going to do once I have arrived, we are going to hang out, have such a good time, eat peacefully, and play around,

but, today is different,
my people, or as I call them, my best friends
they are stuck in the technologies,
they forgot how to communicate
because their attentions are absorbed by the colours of the screen

I hate - and - love technology,
they connect the people who we missed a lot when we are away
but I strongly dislike when the technology inhibit the way we talk to each other, as if talking through the social media is way more fun than normal ways,
I sometime agree with that statement, but I kinda hate it,

however, we, need to step a head to the future,
future is unknown, is able to be beautiful and spooky at the same time,
future may take everything you have or give everything you need at the same period,
future and technology are bestfriends, they are hard to separate,

unlike you and me, we are soulmates,
we are closer than the beach and the sand,
we have no boundaries, but it was before the time and technology tore us apart

my favourite image of the month

whoaa, WHAT AM I writing? I don't even know
so basically, me, who have not showered till noon just got bored, and while breathing (yesh breathing is excercise for me, you know?), thought, "wait, i have not even caught a glimpse at my blog?, then I decided that today would be the perfect time to start over writing this absurd and poorly understood poetry, and yeah this holiday is different, lots of people are busy, I barely meet them in real life because when I contacted them they have stuffs that are more important than meeting me (a scattered by diamond trash)

owh, I forgot that this period is close to the end of the First Month of 2017, so without further ado may I outspeak happy not so new year, hope there is no difficult obstacle in the future... 😋😋

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