G'nite my mates,
I know that you will not probably notice that I have not posted in, like,

yeah, may I repeat that for you?

2 fckin years!
 too long right?

The ocean already cried over there,
tears, anxiety, his mood is fluctuate,
even decoders are not able to break the codes
she gave
unlike the reefs,
their smiles nudged me 
to be blithe,not complicated
so modest yeat endearing

 home,book, and nature

the leaves greet us by waving their small hands,
branches are just lame for them, they wish they had ones
so they are able to wipe the tears
that the ocean sheds over the years

sitting on the reef comfortably,

do you feel the way i do?
I know that this is getting really deep,
and nowadays people seldom talk about feelings because it seemed cheesy af,

 so can I breathe normally in this place?
It seemed like the routine crucifes my creativity, 
my hobby which I've been holding for too long, and the chance of doing human interaction which nowadays seems to be forgotten by human beings


neve' leave me?
can you promise?
I just wanna have a bit of chit-chatting with you
please accompany me,
before I leave to seize the dreams that I have grown and settled.


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